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  NEW GAS FORUM  February 24 - 01:25 pm [54]

This is the main root forum for

  OLD GAS FORUM  November 17 - 03:00 pm [16630]

This was the original root forum for from 2002 to 2012. Accessible but not for new postings.

  OLD OIL FORUM  May 01 - 01:23 pm [1474]

This was a temporary forum for oil colleagues. Accessible but not for new postings.

GAS NEWS ran for 10 years from December 26 2002 and it has been decided to retire the forum which also ran for most of that time. All postings remain intact and all visitors, registered or otherwise can view and research all pages. The retired forum is referred to as OLD GAS FORUM. The NEW GAS FORUM has a completely new structure to take account of changing circumstances. More use is also being made of auto-archiving to simplify management of the forum.

With the forum and website reorganisation, links to documents held by Gas-News will now be lost. That includes PDF, DOC and other files. If you find one missing and would like us to replace it then please email to any available Gas-News email address providing a link to the posting concerned.

The OLD OIL FORUM was a temporary refuge for oil industry installers when their only forum was closed down by OFTEC. Those people moved on eventually but the links they provided have since failed. If anyone has any current viable links please pass them on.