Options for change
As a stop-gap, both MI need to be posted online, with details of any serial number cut-off point. There also needs to be an explanation document on the change(s). The manufacturer can take up the option to voluntarily broadcast the stop-gap changes via a Technical Bulletin at Gas Safe Register, which includes a link back to an updated Valor website. Do that quickly and they can control the narrative.

And (back to basics ?):

Introduce at the same time:

  1. A product recall with installation addresses harvested from the lists of people who have actually 'registered' their appliances. Only the manufacturer will own the list of serial numbers. And

  2. Physically visit these installations and either:

    • Return the appliances to a pre-June 2019 state, supply replacement documentation. Check appliance labels.

      Or much easier:

    • Re-badge the appliances with a new name and GC Number, once type-approval has been received and everything is made compliant. Gather all documentation and supply replacements. Update appliance labels / data plate. Less physical intervention.


Update the Technical Bulletin. Update the Valor website.
We also need to know if there are other appliances in the same stable similarly affected.
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