Website Downloads
These are the downloads available and referred to in the website pages, in one convenient place.
GND001 The original MI (987618 Issue7) for the appliance 32.689.33 referred to. Applicable to appliances which pre-date June 2019. This is the only one available online and there is no means to identify which of these appliances met with, this MI refers to (i.e. by serial number).
GND002 This is the new MI (300001217_2) published post-June 2019 which is radically different. I have scanned this (at 300dpi) from hardcopy MI supplied with a 32.689.33 purchased in July 2022.
GND003-4-5-6 This is a zipped (self extracting) folder comprising a download from the manufacturer's website on September 3 2022. That includes a print of the web page concerned and three PDF files provided, only one of which is the old MI. The other two relate to User Instructions and Energy Efficiency data.
GND007 Gas Safety Alert 030. A list published by the Gas Safe Register as an example.
GND008 Scanned copy of an 'Important Installer Checklist' bundled with the supply of a new appliance in July 2022 and referred to in text.
GND009 A manufacturer's copy of GND002 first published online > 01.11.2022. Now four documents in the line-up on the website but no explanations.
Forum Manual Relates to the Gas-News Discussion Forum and recommended reading before considering registering.
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