Some will know, most will not. was born in 2002 both as a website and a long-lived forum for Registered Gas Installers (RGI). That was four years before Facebook was available to the mainstream population. The forum ultimately had thousands of registered visitors (not members) and eventually stepped aside to make way for the next generation, when associations for RGI emerged.

The website is primarily aimed at RGI who may be affected by the contents and need to be forewarned of these events until such times as the necessary changes are made. In my opinion the situation has the potential to put RGI and consumers at risk when that is avoidable. The reasons will become self-evident.

Parts of this website will unavoidably be somewhat technical and lay visitors may not understand the nuances involved. Sincere effort has therefore been made to inform lay people and make the website more inclusive. If any visitors have questions on the matter, I will do my best to answer questions either via the discussion forum or by email.

Some documents are being made available in support as downloads. Mostly PDF files and each will carry a unique reference, which will be prefixed with the initials GND. These will be created as they are needed. Zipped (self-extracting) folders may be used if there are a number of closely related documents to keep matters tidy in one group.

There will be a small number of external links to official sources (only). Gas-News never has and never will carry advertising. External links will always open in a new window. Simply close the window to return to where you were. The are pop-up pages which will also be presented in a new window. Close those windows to return to where you were.

This website works fine on my ancient smartphone (which has a low IQ). Pop-up windows can be dismissed using the return button. Website best viewed on a computer.
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