I have adopted a simple system I routinely use successfully on websites elsewhere. News items will be added to the top of the list below and the date shown on the home page in brackets, next to the News link. The latter saves wasting the time of visitors, who can see at a glance on the home page. The same information, will be added to any mailout. Items may drop off the bottom of the list in time. If you want to keep them, take screenshots. Warning will be given if this page is going to be pruned.
14.09.2022 Discussion Forum now live and any updates will be posted there. If registered you can subscribe to the topic (spanner icon) and receive automatic updates to your in-box. The mailing list has now been shut down. The Discussion Forum was not planned originally but my guess is, we may be dug in for a long haul.
12.09.2022 Status of the situation remains unchanged according to the manufacturer's website, which is checked every morning. If it changes, news of that will be posted here.
06.09.2022 Letter / Report submitted to the HSE. This will not be published as it contains information not made public. The HSE will need time to consider, research and fact-check for obvious reasons. I am essentially alleging non-compliance.
05.09.2022 Next Page links included as an aid to navigation, to save visitors having to keep returning to the home page. This will save time.
04.09.2022 All web pages now completed.
28.08.2022 Gas-News dusted off and brought out of retirement for as long as is necessary which I hope will not be very long.
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