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Gas-News has been brought out of retirement to address a gas safety concern that may not otherwise be resolved by any other means, or at all. The matter has been referred to the HSE as of 06.09.2022, now this website and all the evidence has been compiled. In connection with this matter, I need to obtain a Robinson Willey Firecharm LS Electronic gas fire GC Number 32.689.33 which was built and probably therefore installed before 2019. This appliance was significantly altered in 2019 but details of that are not published on the manufacturer's website. Registered Gas Installers (RGI) therefore need to know the Manufacturer's Instructions (MI) they download from the manufacturer's website may not be the correct MI to rely on. The MI online is for the pre-June 2019 version (with the same name and GC Number). The post-June 2019 appliance has a significantly different MI. Details and copies of both MI enclosed: This sets a dangerous precedent. NB: See forum news update 07.11.2022.
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